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Imagine coming back after a long day at work and looking forward to watching your favorite TV show. Standing on the front porch, you reach into your pockets and realize that your keys aren’t there! You are suddenly locked out of your own house. Scary, right? Emergencies like these can hit you in the face when you least expect them to, and when they do, having a professional locksmith firm like Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store on your speed dial seems like a prudent decision. Whether it is a common lockout situation or any other locksmith emergency, call us and our professional locksmiths will be there in an instant.

Locksmith emergencies can happen any time of the day, any day of the year and the last thing you want is to be at the mercy of some local locksmith company that would make you wait for hours and charge an unreasonable amount of money. Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store knows the frustration of a broken lock or a missing key and understands the gravity of the situation and that is why we provide the best 24-hour emergency locksmith service to the people of Capitol Heights, MD with timely response, quick resolutions, and affordable prices.


Our locksmiths work 24/7

Our offices are always lit, phones always buzzing, and locksmiths always on standby to resolve your emergency locksmith needs. We are around 24/7 because we realize that emergencies can strike anytime and inordinate delays will only make your situation worse. Has your old lock given away at the dead of the night? Did you accidently lock yourself out of your car? Our locksmith experts will reach your location and repair or replace your locking system so that your life can go on without much delay.

Mobile locksmith units

We maintain a steady network of mobile locksmith vans that operate throughout the Capitol Heights, MD area and allow our locksmiths to speedily reach wherever you may require their service. The vans are stocked with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-tools which help our locksmiths resolve any kind of issue with perfection and ease. Whether it’s a car lockout in a deserted area or an early morning lock change, our engines are always revving.


Lockout resolution:

Locked out your car, home, or vehicle? A locksmith technician with the right tools is just a call away. Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store locksmiths are adept in handling common lockouts and can resolve yours in a jiffy.

On-the-spot key cutting services:

Key-cutting is an intricate work and demands time and precision. Enabled with modern tools, our locksmiths can perform such tasks on the spot. They can create new keys, craft high-security keys, and perform other key cutting services right before your eyes.

Quick fixes:

Broken locks, dysfunctional ignitions, damaged push bars, non-responsive locking mechanisms – we have an immediate and inexpensive fix for it all!

Have a broken lock? Jammed garage door? Non-functional ignition? We provide affordable solutions to your everyday problems.

Emergency lock change:

Even locks have an expiry date! Over time, even the sturdiest of locks get rusty and dysfunctional and warrant a lock change. We provide professional lock change services and replace your outdated ones with industry-recommend quality locks.

Safety first:

A missing key can give you nightmares and a broken lock could leave you grounded. Such issues require emergency fixes so that your house stays safe and secure. Our locksmiths can repair damaged locks, rekey them, and make new keys. We can also strengthen your security system with high-security locks!

We have been providing unrivaled 24-hour emergency locksmith services to the people of Capitol Heights for almost a decade. We assure a record 15-minute response time, affordable rates, and quality service.