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In the highly competitive marketplace of today, businesses often drown if they cannot keep up with the constant needs of their customers. Total availability is exhausting, both for the employees and the business’s funds. Fortunately, Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store has been finessing the system for years, and is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our team of dedicated staff is always waiting for the call requesting service, so call Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store at 301-747-7795 today, no matter the time, for any locksmith needs you may have. Our variety of commercial services includes the installation of buzzer systems, repairing or replacing old locks, and the implementation of new locks, among many, many more.

The years of service our technicians have spent in the field have left them will the ability to service practically every kind of lock, from high security systems to your standard padlock. Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store technicians can service any kind of commercial locks, even safes and file cabinets, and can arrive on your property with the tools and techniques to get your business up and running once again. The services offered by Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store to our commercial clients include luxury car servicing and magnet lock installation, and our specialized vans allow our technicians to complete standard locksmith services onsite.

Lock Changes

To keep a business profitable it must remain secure, and as a business, Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store understands how important it is for business owners to keep their businesses locked up tight. To prove our support and dedication to our clients, Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store offers lock change services for all our commercial clients, because a lock change can be all a business needs to keep sensitive areas protected, or to prevent the return of previous employees. Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store is also highly capable of performing huge tasks overnight, like changing the locks on large, high-traffic buildings, like schools, hotels or office buildings. Our specialized mobile units make even this seemingly impossible feat possible.

Lock Damage

Damage can be done to locks through malicious behavior, like vandalism, or standard everyday wear and tear of the working environment. However, a damaged or broken lock can become quite an issue when it is impeding access into areas where vital supplies or information is kept, bringing regular business to an unforeseen stop. Thankfully, Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store is always standing by to assist commercial business leaders, and can repair or replace broken locks quickly and efficiently, so that your business is not down longer than it has to be. Our services are available every day of the year; so do not hesitate to call when you are in need of locksmith-related aid.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

While secure spaces, like safes and locking fire cabinets, can be a valuable asset when needing somewhere safe to store important information or objects, the locks can sometimes become jammed, effectively locking out even those possessing a key. Fortunately, a Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store technician can restore access to when you store your valuables, so call us today at 301-747-7795 to schedule an appointment or for all your emergency locksmith needs.

Emergency Exit Lock

Emergency exits provide a safe route for those inside a building in the case of an emergency, and a broken emergency exit lock can mean a serious safety risk for those seeking rescue. In addition, broken emergency exits can cost you a hefty fine if noticed by a building inspector, and can hurt your business significantly. To protect both your reputation and the people inside the building, check every emergency exit lock frequently, and if anything seems faulty, call Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store at 301-747-7795 immediately and we will repair the locks to ensure your safety.

Key Changes

Within a business, a lost set of keys can be all it takes to bring business to a halt until further notice. It can restrict access to vehicles, tools, information or other important business necessities, and that’s why Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store specializes in creating new keys as well as copies onsite, ensuring you maintain the access your business needs to prosper. Call us today at 301-747-7795, and we will send our most qualified technician for your situation, 24 hours a day.

Master Key Systems

 In addition to our suite of other locksmith services, Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store specializes in master key systems, for business leaders seeking a bit more security. We can also implement sub master keys, which allow only certain employees access to certain areas of the building, dictated strictly by you, the business head. We can also install exclusive keyway systems, which feature a key that can only be copied by you or a profession locksmith.

Our array of locksmith services is perfect for any business type, including but not limited to:

  • Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store Capitol Heights, MD 301-747-7795Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks

Different businesses face different challenges in Capitol Heights, MD every day, and because Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store understands how unique the challenges can be, is happy to work with each business and discuss their individual concerns. Our technicians have worked with businesses for years, customizing security systems and validating concerns, helping make sure every business owner feels absolutely secure about their security options. Capitol Heights MD Locksmith Store can perform anything form mailbox changes to the servicing and reprogramming of digital locks, and will do so no matter the time of day or night. Call 301-747-7795 today for a free consultation.